Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Top Secret Knitting, X-Mas Style

So I ran out of yarn the other day for the scarf I'm working on and had to take husband with me to get some more, but I had to make sure he didn't suspect that I was getting the yarn to make something for him. While I was holding the two skeins, one white and one black, he actually asked me if I was going to make that skull scarf for him. I told him no but promised to make it for him one day. He looked kind of disappointed so I think I tricked him, tee hee! Although now I have to be super careful that he doesn't see me working on the thing, I have about 10 inches of garter joy left and then it's on to the intarsia. I've never done intarsia before, only stranded colorwork, so I'm hoping it'll come out ok. I should probably do some practice stuff before I try it on the actual scarf. But before we could go out and pick up the yarn, I cast on for some simple socks for him:

I'm using Panda Cotton (surprise!) in the sable colorway. Oooh, have you seen the new colors that are going to be out for Spring? Blue & Gray, Ketchup, and Bison Brown must be mine! Oh, and there's no danger of me blogging about husband gifts, he's banned from reading it under penalty of eyes being poked out.

p.s. I love that spellchecker doesn't know what intarsia is so it suggests Natassia or Ontario instead :)



affectioknit said...

I love the socks - and the spell checker is funny!

stcloudliz said...

I seriously knit an entire afghan for my husband (lots of cables and intricate stuff, so it took months)with him sitting right next to me on the couch, clueless. ;]

Anonymous said...

So, hubby doesn't read your blog??? Doesn't that kind of give away the surprise??? ;)

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