Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Whatnots

Above is the view from out my front door, gloom and snow for miles baby. This is what I really hate about this time of year, the snow makes me feel and claustrophobic and trapped, especially since I refuse to drive when there's snow on the roads. Last winter I went months without driving. It doesn't help that it's been snowing on and off since November and our street hasn't been plowed once.

But I do love Christmas, much more than I used to, and I love Christmas trees, here's ours:

It's tiny because our apartment is itty bitty but I still love it. I made some beaded snowflakes for it this year:

Here's one hanging out with R2D2:

Felt ornament I made last year:

I am knitting things, but nothing I can show on the blog - top secret design stuff! I'm all done with my Christmas crafting and gift baking and we had a marathon of gift shopping the other day at Target. I was done shopping weeks ago but Shane is more of a last minute guy. We got all sorts of stuff for the nieces and nephews and a new microwave for his mom (she has the oldest microwave I've ever seen in my entire life - seriously) plus paper and gift bags and other wrapping whatnots. We'll be visiting his family soon, if the weather allows, so that should be...interesting. There's all sorts of family drama going on that Shane and I refuse to get sucked into and everyone is still pretty devastated about Willard's (Shane's dad) death in October. Christmas is Shane's parents' anniversary so I imagine things are going to be extra tough for her this year. Not to mention the financial mess that followed Willards's death, I was absolutely shocked to hear that he didn't have life insurance.

Anyway, I hope everyone out there is having a lovely holiday season and stays nice and warm!


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