Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Farewell 2008

2008 seemed like a really long year for me in some ways, probably because it was so eventful. Although there were some definite challenges and sad times, it's been a really good year overall.

The Good:

1. I married my best friend in the whole wide world.

2. I used Weight Watchers and got to my goal weight (and even a bit lower).

3. I started designing for Crystal Palace.

4. I've made some big scary exciting plans for next year (more on that at a later date....)

5. Got to see friends that I haven't seen in years (can't they just move California a bit closer to Minnesota, it doesn't seem too much to ask!)

The not so good:

1. Losing Willard, Shane's father.

2. Watching his side of the family implode and then try to pick up the pieces and go on with life.

New Years has never been a big holiday for me, not really for Shane either, but it's fun to look back at the year and think about all the possibility and hope that a new year brings. I don't drink and Shane's been a straight edge kid since way back when so there won't be any bubbly here, (we even forgot to pick up some sparkling apple cider) but here's to a wonderful new year full of new beginnings and appreciation for what we already have!

Love you all!!!


1 comment:

Vegan Knitting said...

Happy New Year, Kala!

A very full year you had. Ours was the same. I'm looking forward to hearing about these exciting but scary plans coming up.

Congrats on the Crystal Palace designing. I've been talking to the sock gal also. I was asking them for more lace patterns that would work with the short color sections in their yarn ( and suggesting perhaps a new color line of self-striping?) but I realized that I should also do some designing with the yarn so that I can share patterns that work with others.

I love your cable mitts and am def. going to make them. CPY is supposed to send me some Bamboozle to try.

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