Saturday, December 13, 2008


Hey all! I have a new pattern that just came out this month with Crystal Palace, yay! The pattern is called Cabled Bamboozle Mitts and it uses 2 skeins of Bamboozle. If you haven't used Bamboozle before, think Panda Cotton but in worsted weight. It's a pretty easy knit with a slightly offset cable pattern. The top one is made in the Jade colorway. I also made these in the Sable colorway in the larger size:

I designed these a few months ago so it's good to finally be able to blog about them! Here's the Ravelry link to the pattern as well.

Whew, I'm almost 100% done with my Christmas knitting! I finished up the second skull intarsia panel for the scarf I'm making for Shane and have it blocking in the closet. Hopefully I'll be able to seam it up tonight and have it finally finished. Since I finished most of my present making early and I like having simple socks to work on, I made a second pair for Shane:

Panda Cotton, Fern colorway. Aren't they bright? They are but I love them and Shane approved of the color when I first got the yarn so he'll probably like them. And it he doesn't, I can force him to wear them anyway. Ha ha, just kidding (mostly). So how is everyone else doing on their Christmas/Winter holiday crafting adventures?

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