Saturday, December 06, 2008

No Coast

So Friday I dragged husband out in the cold and snow to the No Coast Craft-O-Rama at midtown market. Well, maybe I lured him with the promise of falafel at Holy Land, tee hee. It was a lot of fun and we both ran into people we knew, so that was nice (by the way, it's still totally weird to be introduced as someone's wife). I got a fair amount of Christmas shopping done too (and one thing for myself!) Here's the damage:

A glass necklace for my mom from 7 two 7 Glass:

Adorable little calendar for mom from Books By J-Me:

Pins for ma, forgot to get a business card though:

For the mister, I got a really cool coaster from Giraffe:

For his niece, husband bought this cute onesie from Harrilu:

I also scored some cool Christmas cards by made by keli, you should really check out her shop, she's got a ton of super cute stuff for really reasonable prices:

Cards from numsi:

Skull tree from Who Made Who:

And finally, a super awesome vase for myself from jenni the potter:

Overall, it was a fantastic evening, I got some Christmas shopping done, a gift for myself, and I got the best falafel ever!

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