Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Wookiee Little Christmas

After a draining day of visiting with the in-laws (it was nice seeing them but there is a thick cloud of drama - and cigarette smoke - that kind of takes away from the good parts), and a bit of last minute grocery shopping, the husband and I came home and made gingerbread cookies. It was so relaxing to wind down from the crazy day and just roll out dough and decorate little edible creatures. Shane made a Wookiee (pictured at the top of the post) and an Ewok:

I made a pirate (eaten before it could be pictured) and a pig dude:

The recipe is from The Post Punk Kitchen, I changed it a bit, using brown sugar instead of regular and adding in a bit of soymilk because the dough always comes out a bit dry in the winter. Shane blogged the cookies on our food blog, but I thought I'd share them here too!

Happy Christmas Eve! Tonight I'm looking forward to seeing the Catherine Tate Christmas Special on BBC America, that show is really growing on me. I first became aware of her when she joined the cast of Doctor Who, so it's weird seeing her as anyone but Donna. I think we'll also squeeze in a viewing of Charlie Brown Christmas tonight after Shane gets home from work. It kind of sucks that he has to work Christmas Eve, but he's got tomorrow off so that's good. With his job, he doesn't get holidays off so he took Christmas as a vacation day.

Happy all kinds of holidays to everyone!!!



beatnik said...

i loooove the cookies!! they are all so adorable and they look very tasty! have a very happy christmas!

Sarah said...

How bizarre Kala - we have an evening lined up with Catherine Tate and just made the PPK gingerbread cookies too! They are really good - I love the pig! Have taken some photos, but yet to blog ours (soon though!). Enjoy your holidays xo

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