Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wow, I'm smart.

Ok, so I was wrapping presents earlier and couldn't find one that I had bought for Shane's sister and brother in law. I'm usually pretty organized about this stuff, I have a tub that specifically for Christmas presents. But I couldn't find this gift anywhere! I finally had the horrible thought that maybe I'd wrapped it up and given it to someone else. So I called my mom and described the size the thing would be and if there was a present there that fit the description. Sure enough, I, in a moment of pure awesomeness, had wrapped the gift for Dawn and sent it to my mom. Sigh. So hopefully FedEx can get the package here in time for our little visit to Shane's hometown!


1 comment:

Julia O'C said...

Doh!! That sounds like something I would do. Could you have it sent to Shane's house instead?

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