Friday, January 16, 2009

Rolling in Yarn

Literally rolling. Yesterday was a great mail day, I got a huge box of Crystal Palace joy and the hand painted lace weight I ordered from etsy. We'll start with the lace:

Aren't the colors to die for! Oh my gosh, these colors are so Kala-ish. And yeah, that's a word. It's hand painted lace weight tencel from Yarntopia Treasures in the Cherry colorway. 1050 yards of awesomeness, yay! If you haven't checked out Yarntopia before, you should, the yarn is crazy cheap and insanely beautiful, plus they have a healthy amount of vegan goodness.

And then there was sock yarn from Crystal Palace:

Wheee, so many potential socks! I got a nice amount of both Panda Cotton and Panda Soy in colors I've been coveting, what could be better? And finally, sock kits:

I got two Crazy 8 Sock Kits that come with a pattern designed by Laura Andersson, needles, and enough yarn for a pair of women's socks and pair of baby socks (unless you have larger feet, then you might not have enough for the baby socks). The kits are available from Patternworks and they're super cute, look at the little mini skeins:

I got a Neutral Kit:

And a pastel one:

My sock yarn stash has totally exploded, I think I'll be needing a bigger storage tub...


Emma K. Nolan said...

Wow, I can't wait to see what you make!

Karin said...

So many yummy yarns!

gleek said...

looks like you need to add an extra WING onto your stash housing :)

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