Sunday, January 04, 2009

Spring Forward...into Winter?

Isn't it so unfair that socks (and other projects for that matter) don't get done unless you work on them? Well, I started these socks way back in the summer as a KAL with the Vegan Sock KAL group. We picked Spring Forward and I had some perfect pink Panda Cotton to knit them with. I finished the first sock pretty quickly and then...well, I don't even remember what happened then, but for some reason I never went back to finish that second sock. Curse you Second Sock Syndrome! Thankfully for the UFO KAL, I finally finished these pretties and have a cute pair of socks for myself. Check out this post to see all of the other pesky UFOs I have hiding in the apartment.



yoel said...

What a lively, springy color! They'll bring a smile on a dreary winter day :)

affectioknit said...

Very Pretty!

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