Saturday, February 21, 2009

Coming to you from the inside of a fridge

Whew, today is day three without heat here in the building, doesn't that sound like fun during the winter in Minnesota? They're replacing the whole heating system here and apparently they don't feel the need to rush, or work on weekends. The maintenance guys brought some space heaters for us, but there's really only so much those can do in a drafty apartment. Do I sound whiny enough? Speaking of crappy apartments, check this funny site out, I got the link from Julia over at The Monster Stomp.

I've set up camp in the bedroom since it's the smallest room, although the computer is out in the 40-something degree living room so I'm typing as fast as I can so I can run back under the blankets. I've got my knitting ready in there, see:

Since husband had the day off yesterday we went out to soak up heat and warm water (did I mention the hot water heaters were turned off for two days?) and I decided I needed to stop at Crafty Planet for some retail therapy. Check out this awesome fabric I got:

I got the cute retro print in the middle and two more Japanese import prints, skulls and robots. I'm thinkin' these will make some really cute bags!

Take care and stay warm everyone!


1 comment:

JFibers said...

This is ridiculous! I can't believe that this is legal. Have you checked into your rights as a tenant? Anyway, I hope your fingers aren't frozen and your toes are toasty. Snuggle up with your hubby and drink some hot chocolate.

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