Monday, February 09, 2009

The cutest thing ever!

So of course I didn't have my camera ready!

This morning while I was at the computer, I heard a big thump by the window and looked out to see the word's most gigantic squirrel. He was looking right into the window and I could actually hear him sniffing around. Then he saw me and covered his face with his little paws, I was totally frozen by cuteness and couldn't move away to grab the camera! Then he got tired of looking at me and climbed up the screen and went along with his day. Yay for cute squirrels, boo for not being ready with a camera!


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Julia O'C said...

My dad runs a little squirrel take-out service from his kitchen window. If he forgets to put nuts out, it's not unusual to find 3-4 sad little squirrels, staring at you from their perch! If you put some nuts on the window sill, you may have a recurring visitor!
Squirrels are awesome.

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