Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Well folks, I've finally done it, I've finally opened up a little Etsy shop! I've been kind of resisting for a while, but I finally decided to take the plunge and do it. It's been fun so far, getting everything ready, taking pictures... What finally pushed me to do it is that I'll be needing some extra money soon since I'll be going to school (ahhhh!) starting in August. It's scary (in a really good way) but I'll be studying Cosmetology, something I've wanted to do since I was a kid but was discouraged from because it didn't seem "academic" enough. Bleh! But now, finances allowing, I'll be off to college again (someday I'll tell the story of my first failed attempt at schooling). I'm hoping my little shop will help pay for textbooks and whatnot. So far I only have 6 items up but I wanted to get going and stop putting it off so I'll be adding to the shop as I get things done. Want to see some of the stuff I have up?:

Ok, so those are some of the drawstring project bags I have up, yay! And I promise that my blog won't turn into one big Etsy add either, that's no fun.

Oooh, did you notice the new blog header I put up? Super cute right? I had it done by Studio Sub for a great price that included banners for my Etsy shop, they were super fast and did an awesome job, I totally recomend them.

Ok, I'm off to knit and maybe get some cleaning done (that's a big maybe, tee hee).


beatnik said...

congrats on the etsy shop! thats great!i hope you prosper from it, and good luck in school as well, im sure you'll do great.

nicolaknits said...

Lovely artwork and bags. Best of luck with your etsy shop.

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