Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Made of Crazy

Things have just been nuts lately around here! It's not really bad though, it's just a lot all at once. First of all, we're finally looking for a new apartment! I've been here with the boy for a few years now and I never really liked the place but he hates moving so I kind of dealt with it. But it's just getting ickier here by the moment, the owners seem to be giving up on things like maintenance and service and things that were small annoyances are getting out of control. Flooded closet floors anyone? Luckily, water has gotten in there before so I don't have anything on the floor but still, they refuse to do anything to fix the problem. Grrrr. And the heat, oh the heat. Think one thermostat for the entire building that's a lot of people so nobody is ever at a comfortable temperature. But I'm really excited, I love apartment/house hunting, I think it's great fun! And the new place doesn't have to be perfect, I can't imagine we'll be there too long, just long enough for me to finish school and get a bit of work under my belt and we have enough saved up to buy a house.

And then there's the crazy of the etsy shop. It's big fun, but it's a fair amount of work. Oooh, look at the new stitch markers I made which will be for the shop at some point:

Cute, eh? Oh, and I made my first sale! I was really excited, you should have seen the dance :)

I also got another big shipment of yarn today for designing, yay, so much pretty! I can't talk about what it's for yet, but it's a really exciting project and I can't wait to get started.



Julia O'C said...

Oh, I love looking for new places to live! It's fun to try to picture yourself there. Also, new beginnings are fun. Good luck - I hope you find the perfect place!
Those stitch markers are FABULOUS.

yoel said...

OMG I love the I love tofu! I'm too cheap to get non-essential stuff for myself usually, but those are pretty awesome!

torrance said...

Those are super great Kala! Congrats on the first sale! I can only imagine the dance..

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