Saturday, February 28, 2009

Slasher Knitting

I know a lot of people knit at the movies, but I never had until yesterday. See, the guys were finally coming to our apartment to install the new heating system (yay, we finally have heat!) and I just could not be there for that. The guys have come in a few times to look around and plan what they would do and one of them is just so obnoxious I can't help but want to punch him in the mouth every time I see him. He uses the word "tits" to mean "great," think "wow, this apartment is going to be easy, it's going to be tits to work on!" Who says stuff like that?! So I hopped on the 87 and made my way to the Rosedale mall and the theatre there. There really weren't too many things there I wanted to see (well, I do want to see Coraline and Slumdog but Shane does too so I wanted to wait until he could come too since he had the joy of being in the apartment while the guys were there). I settled for Friday the 13th, I'll choose a slasher over a chick flick any day. The movie was meh but I did get to work on my Reclamation Scarf a little:

I only got to work on it during the previews and whatnot though, it got too dark during the actual movie and I didn't want to bother the one other person in the theatre with my clicking. The pattern is by Stephanie Japel and it's written so you can use one ball of any yarn at any gauge to make a cute little scarf. The yarn is a new one, it's called Haze by Queensland Collection:

The yarn is 60% corn viscose and 40% cotton. You get 275 yards (250m) in each hank. From feel, it reminds me of a soft cotton, I would have never guessed it contained corn. The real difference between this and a 100% cotton is the weight, this stuff seems much lighter which is nice. And the colors are gorgeous and subtle and you know I'm happy when there's a nice purple for me! This is one of the new yarns they had at Borealis to tempt me when I was there Tuesday, there's a also a really pretty one in sherbert colors that I might just have to get some time.



Anonymous said...

Ugh! Sorry you had to deal with guys who have no concept of changing their language habits :(

Hope you enjoyed the film. I've heard that those needles with lighted tips work well enough to see during movies in a theater. Just have to sit in a section by oneself if one is concerned with bothering nearby viewers. hehe


Julia O'C said...

HOLY CRAP. You should not have to deal with someone talking like that in your own home! Ugh. Well, at least you have heat again.

I use one of those little booklights to knit when the husband and I watch movies at home and it works pretty well. I've never tried it at the theater, though. Gosh, I used to love going to movies by myself. Now? I'd settle for being able to use the bathroom by myself.

Rachel said...

Sounds like a great scarf pattern, I'm going to have to check it out!

torrance said...

the scarf looks great so far :)

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