Thursday, February 19, 2009

U-Haul, Me-Haul

As much as I like hunting around for new places to live, I absolutely hat packing! I don't know who enjoys it, maybe nobody, but I think it really sucks. I'm trying to get all of the non-essentials like summer clothes and cds that I already have on my ipod into boxes so we'll be a bit more ready to go if we find a new place soon. After calling around 900 buildings, we finally got a call back for a walk through. Oh my god people, it's as if that building was created only to make me appreciate the place we're at now. The whole inside of the building reeked of cigarettes and the apartment itself smelled like someone died in there. The manager said it was because the fridge was left unplugged for weeks filled with food so there was all kinds of mold in there, nice. And then he opened the fridge to show me, who does that! So we just about ran out there as quickly as possible. We've got some more possibles to try to make appointments with though, so hopefully we'll have more luck!

I have actually been able to do some knitting the last couple of days, but I can't share because it's top secret. I've also been able to get some sewing done so I could add a few new things to the shop. I know it's not Friday so I really shouldn't talk much about my etsy, but I have a showcase spot today so I'm having a free shipping special on some items, including more squirrely goodness!


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Julia O'C said...

Since you're apartment hunting, you might get a laugh out of this website:

I am VERY happy with the little squirrel bag!! Thank you! I'll definitely order from you again in the future!

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