Tuesday, March 03, 2009


So have you all seen Coraline? The husband and I went out to see it yesterday at the AMC in Roseville. We even had a coupon so it was only $5 total for both of us to get in, muah ha ha! I have to say I'm a little disappointed with the movie though, I think I'd heard too many good things about it and had it built up quite a bit in my mind. The visuals were lovely and it was lots of fun spotting the itty bitty knit wear but overall it was a bit dull at times. Oh and as an added bonus there was a kid in the theatre who was freaking out the whole time, he was so scared, I felt so bad for him! We was squirming around telling his mom that he was scared and wanted to go home but his mom just kept telling him to close his eyes if he was so scared. This movie isn't really meant for little kids so if you know that your little one can't handle some disturbing imagery (being chased by someone who wants to sew buttons onto your eyes for example) then you probably shouldn't bring him along and make him sit through it just because you want to see the movie. Not that I think nobody should take their kids to scary movies, I've loved scary stuff since I was a wee little Kala and never freaked out or anything.

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