Thursday, March 12, 2009


Thanks everyone who wished me a happy b-day yesterday, that was very sweet! Yesterday was pretty good, I had wanted to do more but it was freeze your ass off cold so we're going bowling on Sunday when it's supposed to warm up. I can't bowl when I'm all bundled! I got some nice gifts and the husband made me a cake (although it wasn't as cute as Julia's, I still loved it, hee hee). I got some nice gifts and some gift cards to use later, here's some of the crafty stuff I got:

Knitted Lace of Estonia

Stray Sock Sewing

And some beads I got myself at the Bead Monkey.

Oh and today is the last day for the birthday sale in my shop!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Those beads are gorgeous. I've heard that lace book is really interesting just for the history alone, it flew out of Borealis before I had a chance to look at it much.


I'll try to surprise you with some vegan goodies when I remember on a Tuesday-ish. :)

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