Monday, April 27, 2009

Me Read Pretty

Whoo, today was exciting, I took my placement exams for the school I'm going to this fall. I had a pretty good idea going in how it would probably play out, I'd do fairly well on the reading and writing bit and suck ass on the math. And I was right! Luckily, my program doesn't require you to score well on math so I'm good. My reading and sentence test scores put me in the 99th percentile and on the math....................7th! Awesome, right :) But really, it's been about nine years since high school math and we always encouraged to use a calculator for everything so taking a math test without a calculator was just evil. So I'm all enrolled now and I get to register for classes in a few days, scary and exciting!!!

Hey, want to see what I've been knitting? I haven't had a whole lot of time lately to knit (or sew for that matter) but here's what I've got going:

It's the start of a Forest Canopy Shawl and it's for me me me! I wanted a pattern that would work with the 2 balls of South West Trading Company's Bamboo I got from someone on Ravelry and this seems like just the thing. I've done the set-up bit and have one repeat knit and I love it so far, the colors are gorgeous and the pattern is easy to follow (and it comes with both written directions and charts, yay for me because I hate charts).



affectioknit said...

That's really pretty!!!

elizabeth said...

ooh, i love it! i've been eyeing up that yarn for sooooo long!
congrats on your test! oh, and i so totally get the no chart thing- me too!

Julia O'C said...

The knitting looks GORGEOUS!!
And hooray for going back to school!!

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