Sunday, April 05, 2009

Must Finish Sweater!

So do you remember the Tree Jacket I've been working on since the beginning of time? Yeah, I hardly remember either. Holy crap, I just looked at the project page on Ravelry and saw that I started it 7 months ago, ouch! Here's where I am, I'm so close to being done I can taste it:

I just need to finish up the second sleeve and I'm done! The sleeve is really getting me though, it's one of those black hole knitting situations, I knit and knit, but the thing never seems to get any longer. Well, at least I have my Ms. Pacman stitch marker to look at while I'm slogging away:

So tell me, what project have you had on the needles since half of forever?



Kristen said...

Looking great! Can't wait to see the finished product.

I've been working on the garter yoke cardigan from Knit.1 since January. It never gets longer! I just started the waist shaping last night. To be fair I was busy trying to graduate for the past three months.

Rachel said...

I've been working on a sweater on and off for a while now. I keep putting it off and working on other things when I really should just power through and finish it!

JFibers said...

While you're stalling on your sleeve you could work on some of these cuties:

gleek said...

i have this mitered square blanket that i started and will never finish :( i know it but i'm afraid to do anything with it.

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