Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sanrio and Karen O

With the car all fixed and happy (well, as happy as that car gets) Shane and I headed off to the Mall of America yesterday for a bit of shopping. I know most locals avoid the big mall at all costs but it does have a lot of clothing stores I like and now it has the awesomeness of a Sanrio store! And it's even a good one! I mean, it could never measure up to the one in San Francisco that I used to haunt but it's pretty darn good. It was really hard choosing what to get but I settled on an initial necklace and iron on patch (I love things with my K on them!):

I love the necklace but I had to do a little surgery, the el cheapo clasp broke right away so I took the whole thing apart, put the charms on new jump rings, and put them on a necklace that I got at the Bead Monkey a while back. I think it looks even nicer than it did on the cheap chain. Yay for craftiness!

I'm also excited about the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album I got, It's Blitz!

I've hated pretty much everything they've done after their first album, but Zero is such a perfect and infectious song that I thought I'd give Karen and the boys another chance. I really do love Karen O and totally need to see her live! The video for Zero is really excellent, check it out if you get a chance.

The yarn crafting front hasn't been very active lately, I just haven't had the time to do much. Today's looking pretty good though, I might get some work done on my shawl and I have an amigurumi lion in the works.


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