Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Anniversary: Part One

Yesterday was our first wedding anniversary, yay! I can't believe Shane and I have been married a year, the time has just flown by crazy fast. This first post will be about some of the things we did and ate, the next one will be about me showing off my gifts because I'm annoying like that :) First, we went bowling at Sun Ray which was really fun and we juuuust missed a group of 150 kids who were there in the morning for a field trip. We saw the buses pulling out just as we got there, close call! We both kind of suck at bowing but neither one of us is competitive, especially with each other so it was fun. And I won :)

After a fair amount of wandering around Uptown (what the helllll are they doing to Uptown by the way!) we had dinner at Ecopolitan. For those who aren't local, Ecopolitan is an all organic, raw, and vegan restaurant in Minneapolis that serves all sorts of yummy goodness. I was hesitant for a long time about trying it out because I though raw food would be bland and gross, but I was sooo wrong and we've gone back several times. On this trip, I got the Not-Cho cheese plate:

And Shane got the Pesto Pasta:




affectioknit said...

Happy Anniversary - Congratulations!

JFibers said...

WOW! One year already! Congrats!

nicolaknits said...

Congratulations! One year, eh! Can't remember that far back. It'll be 22 years for us in December.

That food looks amazing - would love to eat there.

torrance said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

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