Thursday, June 11, 2009

Who needs a door?

Not me apparently. At least, not for $420. Ok, so I had to take the car of doom into the shop again. Yes, it just came out a few weeks ago and had all sorts of stuff fixed for around $500. This time it's the drivers' side door, it's not latching some of the time unless you slam it and kind of jiggle it funny. So we went down to the auto body place we went before and I really didn't think it would be an expensive fix. After looking at it, they said the door is sagging a bit (I suppose that happens as you get on in age, ha ha) and needs a new strike plate and hinge. $420! Not even close to being worth it for me, as long as it can eventually be safely closed by messing with it, I'm not paying that much to get it fixed, not with school expenses coming up. I only need my junker to keep running until I'm done with school (about 1 year from August) and I start working so we can afford something that isn't such a doom magnet.


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melissa said...

my old toyota had the exact same door problem, and like you, i opted to just mess with it every time i closed it, rather than spend the money to fix it. i managed to save enough money by ignoring repairs that i finally put it down on a new car.

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