Sunday, August 02, 2009

Best Fabric Ever


And this one is for me, yay! The only time I usually keep the bags I sew is if I make some sort of mistake or if it's a test for sizing, but this came out so cute I just have to keep it for myself. The fabric is so gorgeous, I got it from Crafty Planet a couple of days ago (love their fabric selection and loyalty program!) and I'll be back for more soon.

Ew, I have to go in for an eye exam today, I am sooo not looking forward to that! But I'm very much overdue and my prescription could use a tune up. I think I found some cute sunglasses yesterday at Lenscrafters but no look yet with regular glasses, hopefully today :) Glasses are the hardest thing to shop for because they're always there on your face so you really have to like them, plus they're so dang expensive! At least I have a couple of $100 off coupons :)


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