Friday, August 14, 2009

Cherry Girl

Because I love cherries (maybe not as much as sooome people, tee hee) I made this cute little pouch/clutch for my etsy shop:

C25K update: Shane and I completed Day 2 of Week 2 yesterday at the gym. So now I've ran outside, inside on a treadmill, and inside around a track. I think my favorite is outside if it's not too hot or humid, then inside around the track, and treadmill comes last. How about you guys, where to do like to walk/run/exercise?

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weeseaweed said...

only just read this post but wanted to respond to your question with... same as you! i'm definitely an outdoors girl first and, if i had to choose between a track and a treadmill, i'd take a track.

treadmills are yuk!

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