Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Finishing, progress, and time travel

I finally finished the scarf I've been working on for my dad:

I don't even know when I started this, I've been working on it mostly at knit nights since it's such a mindless pattern (just a 2X2 ribbed scarf). But it's done so I officially have one Christmas project done, hee hee! The yarn is one skein of Marble for half the scarf and one skein of Collage for the other half. I ran out of Marble and couldn't find the color anywhere so I found Collage and it's almost exactly the same yarn, yay!

I have some socks in progress:

Just some plain vanilla socks in some Panda Soy in the stained glass colorway. I've also been working on my Heathered Hoodie, I'm just past the ribbing and have started a few rows of the cables. After messing up quite a few times and wanting to set the thing on fire, I decided to write out the cable chart, I'm just no good with charts (maybe that's because they're pure evil).

And now to time travel. Has anyone seen The Time Traveler's Wife? It's not really the kind of movie I would normally want to see but I read and liked the book so I'm interested (even though it has Eric Bana in it).



Mary said...

Beautiful scarf! I've been working on the same necktie (my first Christmas present and it's almost September--eek!) for eternity. I think I just need to put it aside and make some quick mittens.

nicolaknits said...

Pretty knitting. I took a look at that Collage yarn at Michaels and it seems identical to Marble, which I LOVE. The Marble is cheaper though.

weeseaweed said...

i Love panda soy socks! so silky and smooshy...

Natalia said...

Hi Kala,
congratulations! you're getting a 8x10 print.
thanks for entering the giveaway!
I've just send you a convo on etsy with details :)

DrChopSuey said...

The scarf is lovely!

I have to say I love that yarn... Panda Soy? Never heard of it... I might have to check Ravelry and get some! :)

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