Saturday, August 08, 2009

Is it a hoodie yet?

I bought yarn!

When I found out that 3 Kittens was having a big sale on everything (25% off every single thing in the store, and a lot of stuff was 50% off) I decided to get the yarn for the Heather Hoodie from the new issue of Knitscene:

For my size, I needed 6 balls of Berroco Comfort Chunky and I ended up saving about $10 with the sale, whee, this is going to be one cheap sweater! I chose the Dusk colorway, I nice heathery gray color that will be awesome for fall. Oh, but you know how I wanted to wear it to school? Not going to happen, there's a dress code for my program, noooooo! Dress codes are my enemy and make me sad, but it's only for a year so I can deal with it. You can only wear all white (ew) or all black with white no-scuff shoes and a white lab coat every day to class. I think it's kind of funny that I'll be wearing a lab coat though :) And by the way, does anyone have any good local recommendations for where to buy one, I can't say I've cruised around any uniform stores lately :) It's a good thing that I hadn't bought much for school clothes yet, just one pair of pants that I was able to return. It really would have been nice to know about a dress code sooner though. And of course I don't have any clothes like that, I really don't wear black pants and don't have any plain black tops either, so I'll be off to Target and probably the mall very soon. I have to buy shoes too, how annoying! Ok, I'm done whining now!

P.S. I finished C25K for this week, I did my third run yesterday at the park with Shane.


weeseaweed said...

hooray for C25K training! j and i did a run yesterday and i ache like nothing else today - that'll teach me to not train for 3 weeks!

and dress codes S.U.C.K... who ever thought that they were in any way related/conducive to learning, at least when you're old enough to not want to look inside everyone else's?

Lolly said...

cute hoodie! that new knitscene has some real winners in it. this will be super cute on you. it does suck about the dress code though :(

DrChopSuey said...

Cute hoodie and squishable yarn! I can't wait to see your FO!

And good for you one the training... keep it up girl!

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