Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm not crazy, really!

Sometimes I wonder if my neighbors think I'm crazy when I'm out taking pictures of things like crocheted candy corn ;) Ah well! I wasn't totally happy with the original pics I took of my single Candy Corn Babies, so I took some new ones today:

In other news, I finally finished my shawl! I looove how it turned out, I need my husband to help me take pics so I can share :)



Trinity said...

Hi Kala. I just finished week 5 of the C25K! Yay! I came across this site ( and though you might be interested because you must be getting close to the end of the program. It is fun to be able to play with running routes and have a good sense of how long they are.
Also, thanks for posting the chocolate zucchini bread recipe a while back. I made it and it is delicious!

BerlinBetty said...

Those pictures are so cute! I love your little candy corn babies.

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