Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lonely Art Vintage Goods

I love a good vintage find, don't you? While it's always fun to search through garage sales and thrift stores for unique items, sometimes you just want someone to do the work for you! Etsy is a great place to find cool vintage stuff, I recently bought this crazy awesome mug from Lonely Art Vintage Goods and thought it would be fun to share a little interview with the shop owner :)

Here's the mug, it's so cool, it has a little compartment in back for your tea bag after your done steeping!:

Ok, here's my interview with Caitlin!

1. How long have you been selling on Etsy and what inspired you to start?

I've only been selling on Etsy since July of this year, but I have been buying since December of 2008. I didn't get a job this summer, and I needed something to occupy my time. I realized I love vintage and I have a ton of it that I'm not using. I thought I would sell it on Etsy because it seems like a lot of good vintage sellers come here.

2. What are some of your favorite things about Etsy?

I really like the community here. Everyone is really supportive and if you get down about low sales, or anything in life, you can just go to a chat room or the forums and you will be cheered up in no time. It also seems like the community is great at getting together to stop controversy, i.e. things that are not handmade, vintage, etc. that are being sold have been kicked off because of the joint efforts of sellers and administrators here.

3. Where do you find all of the cute vintage goods in your shop?

I got a lot of the items from my aunt who is a true vintage collector. She is a single lady who has a lot of time to search for the highest quality of vintage goods. Those items found by her in my shop have mostly been sold, but she is great at helping me out and getting me information I need to back up my items. Once in awhile I will find really great stuff at garage sales or thrift stores as well. The key is to keep your eye open and always check out anything that seems interesting or a potential outlet. I am excited to start going to estate sales, because I have never been (surprisingly)!

4. What's the most amazing vintage find you've ever found - either for yourself or for your shop?

That's funny you should ask, because today I found some "The American Girl" heels from a new Thrift Store in downtown Fort Collins. They have to be circa 1950, or even earlier. I actually mentioned to the lady that I was so surprised I found them. They were actually priced wrong, so I got a great deal on them!

5. Do you have any tips for incorporating vintage items into an everyday wardrobe?

So many people think that they are getting good deals on "unique" items at Urban Outfitters or trendy places like that (I have to admit, I love those places too). If you simply take the time to go to a thrift store you can find those exact items from those places for lower prices! The idea here is that if you just look for vintage items, you can find what you love with a story and a lower pricetag, instead of seeing your same shoes on 10 people walking past you on the street. It always feels better to know you are the only one with a certain item. If you are not into "looking" vintage, that is, wearing all vintage clothing, I always love vintage necklaces or bracelets because they can add that extra flair to a normally modern looking outfit.

6. Where else can we find you online (Facebook fan page, Twitter, Blog)?

You can find me everywhere!

Thanks Caitlin!


Caitlin said...

Thanks so much! I left a link on my latest blog post to your shop and your blog!

Alicia Istanbul said...

Cool interview. Thank you for sharing :)

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