Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's All In The Bag!

So remember my post about the awesome project called Vegan Craft Samples? If not, it's a project put together by Heather (of Holistically Heather and Aunt Flos Pads fame) that raises money for animals and showcases cool handmade goodies, all 100% vegan :) As I said before, I donated some pins and coupons to the bags, and I bought one too! There are three sizes of bags you can buy which is great, you just buy the one that fits in your budget. My budget allowed for the $15 dollar bag, which includes shipping to the US. Wanna see what I got! Behold:

Tons of goodies and I didn't even take pictures of all the coupons, recipes, and other little goodies! I got two really cool vegan keychains, a cell phone charm, bracelet, 2 kinds of lip balm, a ring, mineral makeup, a selection of teas, handmade soap, sugar scrub, lotion, and more! When I bought this bag I knew it would be awesome for stocking stuffers and little gifts and I was right, my mom is getting the body butter in a scent called "Tortured Pumpkin" love it! And the husband is getting one of the lip balms because he loves him some citrus. He also got one of the keychains, although we're probably going to use them as Christmas ornaments :) Plus is all comes in a reusable tote bag, awesome!

This was such a great buy and an amazing amount of goodies for $15! Plus the money is going to Peaceful Prairie Animal Sanctuary, what could be better for holiday gift giving?



weeseaweed said...

what a haul! and for a cool cause too! what's not to love?

It's All In The Blog said...

only a few more bags left, woke up this morning and more had sold!

mvegan said...

sooo awesome, love em!

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