Saturday, December 05, 2009

FOs and Cookies

Look, I finished stuff!

A slacker hat for my dad (sorry for the sucky picture!):

The pattern is my own and I used some Vanna's choice in chocolate brown and blue, I made one for my dad last year in brown and green and he loved it! I also finished a pair of charity mittens:

They're made from some Caron Simply soft in pink, very cute! I used a free pattern from Afghans for Afghans, very simple.

And finally, the world's most un-gorgeous gingerbread men:

Delicious but not very pretty, my husband and I are not exactly awesome cookie decorators ;) But they are a ton of fun to make and very yummy, we always use Isa's recipe from the PPK and make at least one batch a season.



JFibers said...

I'm sending you all my good thoughts so you'll have all the extra energy you'll need for the upcoming surprise! Good luck!

weeseaweed said...

haha! kala, i love how crafty you are and how messy your icing skillz look! that's so cute and funny!

Mary said...

Your cookies are adorable! Really pretty colors. I'm thinking of making my dad a hat, too. Looks like a great pattern!

Jackie said...

Those gingerbread men make me so happy! They're bright and fun. That's what counts. :D

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