Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fun and Easy Yarn Wreaths!

With Christmas on the way whether we're ready or not, I was thinking the other night that we needed some more decorations. We don't have much for decorations and I don't really want to spend heaps of money so I decided to make wreaths from stuff I already had. And what do I have LOTS of? Yarn! And cardboard, lots and lots of cardboard.

So I scavenged around the kitchen to find some plates and bowls of various sizes to trace circles and cut them out from cardboard - the cardboard was mined from a shoebox, a used Priority Mail flat rate box, and the side of a cracker box. This was the hardest part of the project, cutting through cardboard can be a bit difficult, especially the thicker stuff. After that was done, I just wrapped yarn around the wreath shape to cover all of the cardboard, easy peasy! I used leftover ribbon from gifts to hang them on the wall. Husband even helped out, he cut one of the wreaths out for me and put the nails in the wall (that part was pretty amusing, we're both hilariously un-handy). Here's the first one I made, it's my favorite because it's just so kitchy and fun (and yes, our walls are crazy bright, the white pics are taken on poster board):

Then I made a fuzzy green one, it's husband's fave:

And finally, an icy blue wreath:

I used all sorts of fun yarn for these including Fizz, Fizz Stardust, and Party.

Fun, cute, cheap, and easy to make, gotta love it! And they come together fast, especially if you watch your favorite holiday special while you're making them :)



Anonymous said...

You are so stylish! Love the wreaths.


Louise said...

Such a fab idea! The green one is my favourite too. I'm going to have to raid the yarn stash and make some mini wreaths for the tree I think!

Jenny said...

Aw how cute!

affectioknit said...

Awesome wreathes - what a great idea!

cseneque said...

These are awesome! So clever and cute--great idea :)

DrChopSuey said...

Too cool -- great idea!

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