Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kitchener Helper

I got some really cool stuff this Christmas (including a new camera that's way smarter than I am, and that one day I'll figure out how to use) but not much in the way of knitting goodies. That's because I actually didn't ask for much this year, I didn't really need new yarn or anything, but when I saw this adorable Kitchener Stitch Reminder Tag on Etsy, I knew I had ask my husband for one! Even though I've knit 5 million socks, I still can't memorize the kitchener stitch and always have to look at the instructions at least to get started.

Isn't it adorable? This is the other side:

Now I don't have to search around for a book when I need to finish off a toe, I just have to reach into my notions bag! This super useful tag is made by Karat Stix on Etsy, there are tons of really cute things in their shop, from needle gauges to sock blockers, I'll definitely be ordering from them at some point :) And they even included a cute little extra in the order:

Super cute and sort of funny since my socks have zero sheepy content :)



Beverly said...

That is adorable! I always need to look to get started too. I'd love one of these!

Emma said...

Oooh, I like that. I need to look it up as well!

WorstedKnitt said...

Those are so cute! I could use one as well, I don't know what it is about kitchener that makes it impossible to memorize!

Maureen said...

Hello, I saw you mentioned 'spicy kale' on lovely Affectioknit's site. Can you please give the recipe - I love kale.



VeganCraftastic said...

Hey Maureen,

my husband makes the kale and there isn't really a recipe, he just kind of adds stuff until it's right :)

~Ali~ said...

Love the kitchener helper! Whoever thought of that is a genius!

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