Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hearts for Haiti

Has everyone heard of the Hearts For Haiti cooperative shop on Etsy? It's an awesome shop, Etsy sellers donate items and the shop donates 100% of the sales (minues paypal and etsy fees) to Doctors Without Borders. I bought a super awesome set of Vegan Cards, love 'em! I've also donated a set of Bunny Love Pins:

This set of pins is super cute and the money is going to an awesome cause! Plus, shipping is free worldwide, can it get any better?



weeseaweed said...

i just realised that 'doctors without borders' is the US version of 'médecins sans frontièrs'! it took me a while... thanks for posting this - more reasons to buy from etsy (as if i needed them)!

jelly said...

Wonderful reasons to buy from Etsy!
We made a small donation, trying to do our part.


The pins are adorable!

Eye Candies Blog said...

Very cute!! ♥

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