Sunday, January 31, 2010

Honest Scrap

I got the Honest Scrap award from Weeseaweed recently, thanks so much!

I'm usually really bad at actually doing things like this but here we go!

Here's the deal:

the rules
1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to that blog post.
2. Tell ten honest things about yourself and make them interesting, even if you have to dig deep!
3. Pass the award on to ten bloggers you feel embody the spirit of Honest Scrap, and whose blog you find brilliant in design and/or concept.

the scrap

1. I'm Native American but have been mistaken for just about every nationality from Mexican to Armenian. My mom is Native American and my dad is well, I'll just say white because he doesn't really know exactly what his makeup is :) Honestly, I don't think nationality is very interesting but people are always surprised that I'm Native, maybe because there are so few of us around.

2. I have a major major sweet tooth, I will totally skip a meal so I can eat more cookies!

3. I refuse to drive in the winter, totally refuse. My car is not great on ice and snow so I just don't go there :)

4. I want a pug really really badly, they're so cute!

5. I have no interest in ever having a "real job" one with hours and whatnot, it's just so not me!

6. I'm super allergic to MSG. I don't know how interesting that is, but if I eat something with MSG in it, my face and neck muscles tighten up like crazy and my arms get all tingly, not fun!

7. I love exclamation marks! And smiley faces :)

8. When I was kid I wanted to change my name really badly. Nobody every pronounces or spells Kala correctly on the first try and it used to really bug me. My top picks for a new name were Trixie an Tracy :)

9. My Indian name is Early Morning Star (neep-ona-cosa in Menominee).

10. I want to get a vegan tattoo eventually but am scared of the pain, I'll have to have someone hold me down!

Ok, I want everyone who wants to play along to do this on their blog, so I'm not listing 10 blogs, just an open invitation :)



Leslie said...

Very cool blog, congrats on the award too!

JFibers said...

Your picks for a new name would have gone excellent if you decided to be a show girl!!! HEE HEE... missed you on Tuesday!

weeseaweed said...

how Is your name pronounced, then? not ka-la?

tattoos don't really hurt, that's just what people tell you so they can feel cool for having got one themselves...

VeganCraftastic said...

It's pronounced like kayla but most people either say kah-lah or think that it's Karla and that I've spelled my own name wrong.

Mary said...

I had no idea. I've been reading your name (in my head) as kah-la. Like the lilly.

Worse, though: I met a women the other day named Joan, pronounced Jo-Ann. I think her parents were very cruel.

two vegan boys said...

Love your blog.

Mareva by Seriouslyono said...

what's a vegan tat? Bet you're really happy that you didn't change your name to Trixie. "Designs by Trixie" somehow doesn''t sound quite right.


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