Saturday, February 06, 2010

Awesome knitters needed!

****Edit: I've found more than enough testers for now, thanks everyone!!!***

So I've been going cowl crazy the last couple of days! I designed a slip stitch colorwork cowl for myself, but the first one ended up looking better on my husband, so unfair! I knit one today for me and have the pattern all writtten up. What I need now are testers! I've posted in the Testers Pool group on Ravelry, but I thought I'd post here too.

The cowl is a quick knit, I knit mine in a few hours and I'm not a very fast knitter. The pattern calls for 2 colors of worsted weight yarn (testers feel free to use any yarn you'd like) and US size 10 needles, it's sized for medium (average woman) and large (larger woman or man). I'd post a picture but I need my husband's help and he's off at a nerd convention. So if you're interested, you can contact me on Ravelry (Kala) or e-mail me at craftytofuATyahoo and I can send you out a pdf or word file of the pattern. I'm hoping for at least 5 testers who can knit the cowl in 2 weeks or less, take pics, and post their projects on Ravelry when the pattern is published. I can't offer yarn support or payment, but if you test for me I can gift you any of the patterns I have for sale in my Ravelry pattern store :)



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JFibers said...

How did I miss out on such a great opportunity! I know, I was away at a basketball game in BFN and didn't read your post!!!! SHOOT!

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