Tuesday, February 09, 2010

In Progress

In progress right now, a sweater for my husband:

It's the Cobblestone Pullover and it's kind of slow going, mostly because I'm working on other things at the same time :) Well, not literally at the same time, although that would be awesome!

I'm still working on the pattern for a cowl that I designed, I've got a bunch of amazing test knitters helping me out and I'm really excited! I have three knit so far, I still haven't decided which will be the one in the main picture:

I'm hoping the pattern will be ready soon, two testers are already done!

And finally, I did some sewing today after a bit of a vacation. My husband had a week off from work so my poor Etsy shop has been neglected :) But look what I made today:

I'm still totally in love with this fabric and I think this zippered pouch came out really cool. I made one a few weeks ago but loved it so much I ended up keeping it.

Ok, I guess I lied about that finally part, I have one more thing to mention! Teresa over at Affectioknit has a really cool contest going on right now, be sure to check it out!



Moonangelnay said...

I'm knitting my unborn baby a blanket at the mo which is taking a million years! I wish my other half was brave enough to let me knit him a top! lol! i love the yarn you've used for yours, you'll have to post a finished picture when you're done :)

cseneque said...

Ooh I love the cowls, the yellow one in particular. And that zippy pouch is the cutest!

beckie said...

i love the Anatomical Heart Valentine's Day Card! awesome etsy store

BerlinBetty said...

I love the color of the sweater! Someday I will get around to making a Cobblestone.

-seigmann- said...

Oh that colour for hte jumper is so nice !
Do u have the pattern? Fell like sharing it?

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