Thursday, March 18, 2010


Spring is just about here, most of the icky snow has melted and my allergies have even started up a bit! No, I'm not excited about allergies but I'd take sneezing over snow any day :) But I do have some favorite things about Spring and Summer:

1. Flip flops! I hate wearing shoes but flip flops are awesome!

2. Dresses and skirts. I'm not terribly girlie but I loves me a good skirt.

3. Spring yarn lines = lots of vegan goodness.

4. Farmers markets. Nothing is better than fresh veggies straight from the farm!

5. Ecopolitan. Delicious raw food is sooo refreshing on a hot and sunny day.

6. No more furnace! The way our apartment building is set up, the heat in every unit is on 24/7 all winter long at full blast so it's such a relief to have the heat off finally.

7. Ice cream! Not that I don't eat vegan (duh) ice cream all year long, but it's so much for fun when it's hot out :)

So what are your favorite things about the warmer weather months?



andrea creates said...

I officially can't wait for Spring,lol!
Found your blog via etsy forums :)

Christine said...

I love taking bike rides on the nature trail once the snow melts away. It is so relaxing! I usually take a ton of pics while on the trail too. I also like the longer hours of daylight when the weather begins to warm up.

Megan said...

I walked outside yesterday and there are TWO amazing daffodils blooming in my font yard. I cant wait for the tulips to shop up! Also looking forward to photography adventures in the mountains <3

affectioknit said...

We're definitely looking for signs of spring here...

tekopp said...

I'm looking forward to getting my fix of vitamin D again = hanging out in a park with friends, beer and fresh fruit :)

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