Friday, August 13, 2010

New Stuff!

Since the weather was a lot less soul sucking today I was able to spend some time in the living room making some fun new stuff for my Vegancraftastic Etsy shop!  Stitch markers are super fun to make, especially fall themed ones :)

Autumn Splendor Stitch Markers:

Clever Fox Notebook:

Queen of the Carnival Notebook:



jamberry_song said...

These are simple and lovely. I especially adore the fox notebook. <3

Ammie said...

I love the notebooks! They make me want to carve some stamps.

ColorSlut said...

Great stitch markers and the notebooks are so cool! I just posted vegan roving for spinning. In case you are every interested :)

Janis said...

those stitchmarkers are real funny and cute :)

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