Saturday, August 07, 2010

Sewing and Reading

I'm pretty in love with the new notebooks in my Etsy shop, Vegancraftastic, they have to do with two of my favorite things, sewing and reading!  First, reading - this is the Young Reader's Book Journal, perfect for keeping track of your kid's reading! I didn't keep a diary when I was little, but I did keep a book journal :)

Young Reader Book Journal - Lined Notebook

This would also be great for keeping track of books you read to or with your kids.

And now for sewing:

This sewing journal is great for keeping track of pattern notes, fabric requirements, sketches, and more! Plus, it fits in your purse so you can take it along to the fabric store when you're shopping for your next project :)



Expressions By Devin said...

Love the sewing journal. Great blog. Cant wait to read more post.

gibknitty said...

oh i love the sewing notebook. it might make a good gift for my dad's girlfriend. next time i am there i am going to check out what kind of method she uses to track her stuff. she is definitely a paper-woman, probably not on the computer. i faved it on etsy so i'll remember!

At Home Mommy Knits said...

What great ideas. I love the book journal!

Venessa Marie said...

this is so neat its simple but great LOVE it!

aquariann said...

Neat notebooks!!

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