Monday, October 11, 2010

DIY Halloween Series - Part 2 - Fun with Picnik!

Has everyone heard of Picnik? It's a fun (and free for most features) online photo editing program that does all sorts of cool things!  I use it a fair amount for my Etsy pics, but I also had some fun yesterday making some spooky Halloween pictures :)  Once you ghoulify yourself, you can use the pictures to make Halloween cards or just use the pics for online profiles like Facebook.  Speaking of Facebook, here's my current profile pic that I created on Picnik:

Cute, right?  It's my happy go lucky zombie look ;)  The best part about Picnik is that it's dead easy and super user friendly, even if you think you can't use fancy photo imaging software, just try it, you'll be glad you did!  Here's the same image made into a collage, something like this would be great for making Halloween cards!

Here's one with a bit more gore:

 Here's my zombie husband:

Can you tell I'm a big time horror fan? ;)



charmeddesign1012 said...

I love picnik, it is so easy and fun to use. Your photos are great!

urban muser said...

I love picnik too. I noticed all the ghoulish effects they have up there for October. your scary green faced picture is awesome :)

JFibers said...

I don't like the "gore" photo... you are prettier than that in real life... (thank goodness!)

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