Thursday, October 14, 2010

DIY Halloween Series - Part 4 - Get Witchy!

Today's post idea and pictures comes from Amanda Steves of Amanda's Happy Hearth, thanks so much to Amanda for sharing!  Halloween is creeping up on us, but it's not too late to knit or crochet some cute accessories for a costume or just for fun.  Here are some of Amanda's fun and festive designs:

Witch Warmers:

Pumpkin Warmers:

Witchy Tube Top (Free Pattern):

Fun, right?  I love stripes, there's something so fun and Halloween-ish about them, especially if you use black as one of the colors.

Are you knitting or crocheting part of your costume this year?



Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

gah! I probably needing to have been knitting it for a long time now if I was going to come up with something. I'm out of practice in the costume department. :(

ColorSlut said...

I love both the leg and wrist warmers. The ruffles at the end are so cool!

ana said...

i love the striped too! great post :D

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