Tuesday, November 02, 2010

New Goodies - AND VOTE!

Today is voting day here in the US, so I'm hoping all of my US readers have voted or are voting later today!  I'll be heading out when my husband gets home from work :) 

Ok, time to share some of the new goodies in my Etsy shop (Vegancraftastic), here's a peek:

Large Birds of a Feather Project Bag (also great for holding gifts!):

Large Green With Envy Project Bag:

Baby Panda Keychain (great stocking stuffer!):

Furry Friends Sheep Project Bag:

On the Rocks Project Bag:

Large Winter Rain Project Bag:

Large Organic Cotton Forest Friends Project Bag:

Which one is your fave?



Chris said...

Very, very tough choice, but I'm going with the large winter rain bag. The large bags are SO handy for medium-sized projects.

tiffannysketchbook said...

I would have to go with organic cotton because of the eco-friendly nature of it.

design wise, i like the green bag and the first one :) birds of a feather.

good stuff!!!

ColorSlut said...

The little bird bag and owl bags are just too cute! Adorable stuff.

Shannon O. said...

Forest Friends!

Emma said...

Yeah, forest friends is great!

lilmamad said...

Oh my goodness I love love love the sheep bag! :) I totally just favorited your shop too; too cute!

JFibers said...

It's my birthday soon.... the sheep bag is by far the best of the bestest!!! Hey, forgot to ask you, do you want a logo?

cseneque said...

Forest friends, forest friends! So cute!

Jasmine said...

it's a tie between the on-the-rocks bag and the panda keychain. i love ANYTHING with pandas!

JFIllustrations said...

Forest Friends is my fave :)

gray la gran said...

they're ALL my favorite! how cute ... all of them!!!

regarding the new vogue, i haven't seen it in person, but i did see the preview online today, and i will say that the one you liked best is the one i was most attracted to as well. i will likely buy it when i do find it on the newstand.

regarding IK, i haven't seen that one yet, nor the preview, but will look at the preview once i'm finished visting here. thank you for the link.

and thank you for the note on my acrylic christmas stocking. the reward came with the blocking (and the attention!).

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