Sunday, January 16, 2011

Knitting With the Ladies!

Yesterday was a really great day, my buddy Jen hosted (or as she kept saying, "sponsored") an afternoon of crafting, food, and fun.  The day started with my poor husband having to wake me up early after a night of not sleeping well.  Apparently I swatted at him and kept saying "I get snooze, I get snooze" ha ha!  Anyway, after a bit of a drive we finally arrived at Jen's house.

I worked on my my cardigan (this pic is from Jen's blog but I liked it so I yoinked it!):

P.S. Jen is doing her best to blog this year so check out JFibers and encourage her!  Here's the hostess showing off her Clapotis:

And unknitting a too long sleeve:

Here's my friend Kathy's beautiful shawl that she's knitting for her mom:

And Kelaine's gorgeous colorwork baby vest:

There are a lot of more pictures on Jen's blog, so check those out for more knitting pics!



JFibers said...

Yea... soon I'll be as famous as you! (hee hee).
I had super amounts of fun. Next time you'll have to draw with me on my new WII drawing thingy.

urban muser said...

it's so nice that you could all come together and be crafty! everyone's projects are beautiful.

Sally said...

I think a Knitting with the Ladies day would be fun! Unfortunately, I probably wouldn't accomplish much :-) I get distracted way too easily and I would lose my place in my knitting. I still pretty much have to knit when I'm by myself.

Hannah said...

Such lovely and inspiring work! I definitely haven't been crafting enough lately... Time to break out those needles again!

Rachel said...

The green & blue colorwork is gorgeous!

Jamie said...

What fun - a group of friends working together.

knottygal said...

Great pictures! Its always fun when crafty friends get together for a SnB session! :-)

Clara said...

What a talented bunch and looks like lots of fun!

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