Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dining Out For Life

When I read about the Dining Out For Life project on My Little Artichoke's Blog, I knew I had to blog about it.  I had heard about it before, mostly from billboards with Sven Sundgaard's smiling face on them, he's even on the cover of the new issue of Lavender to promote Dining Out For Life.  Anyway, Dining Out For Life is an annual fundraiser for various AIDS service organizations, in Minnesota the money raised goes to The Aliveness Project

Basically, participating restaurants on Thursday April 28th will donate a percentage of their proceeds to a local AIDS service group.  Last year in the Twin Cities, $161,000 was raised, not bad!  Here's a link to all of the Twin Cities (and Duluth) restaurants that are participating in this awesome project.  Some of my favorite restaurants that are participating are Everest on Grand, all Pizza Luce locations, Anodyne, Falafel King, Ecopolitan, and Galactic Pizza.

So, if you can, please eat out on April 28th at a participating restaurant and be part of a great cause!



Danielle said...

What a great idea, wish the uk did something like this!

Jaz said...

That's such a good cause, I think it's great when people blog about things like this. If the Uk did something like this, I'd be supporting it too, I'm a little too far to join in on your one!

Maggie said...

That looks like a great project. I should check and see if any restaurants in Chicago are doing it.

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