Monday, May 16, 2011


When I saw today's Living Social deal for sewing classes, I knew I had to blog about it!  Today's great deal is a choice of discounted sewing classes at Sewtropolis, a sewing studio and fabric store in Minneapolis.  I visited this charming studio this past winter after a trip to the Museum of Russian Art and was impressed with the atmosphere of the shop and learning/open sewing space.  The ladies working in the shop were also very  nice which is a lovely bonus. 

So if you're local and looking to learn to sew, take advantage of today's Living Social deal, you can get sewing classes for 50% off!  That way, even if you find out you don't love sewing, you're not out a huge amount of money.  And for those who haven't used Living Social before, I have used it and have had only good experiences with it :)

Sewtropolis also has an Etsy shop, blog,  and Twitter account so you can keep up to date with classes and whatnot!


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Hannah said...

So jealous... There are absolutely no local craft stores in my area. Ok, maybe one, but it's more like kiddie craft supplies- pom poms, construction paper, crayons and the like. We could use one of these over, stat!

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