Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blueberry Lemon Freezer Jam Recipe

My latest obsession:  freezer jam.  While I still haven't used my canning kit to make processed jam (or big girl jam as I call it), I've been all about the freezer jam lately.  The nice thing about freezer jam is that it doesn't require any cooking, great for those hot and humid summer days.  And it keeps for a pretty long time, 3 months in the fridge or 1 year in the freezer!  Last night, my husband and I made a batch of blueberry lemon jam that turned out amazing, so I thought I'd share the recipe with you guys, enjoy!

Blueberry Lemon Freezer Jam


-enough blueberries to yield 4 cups of mashed berries.  You can use either fresh or frozen for this, you'll need about 4 pints of berries.

-the zest of one large lemon.  If it's at all possible, use organic since you'll be using the skin in your jam.  Wash and dry your lemon before zesting.

-1 1/2 cups sugar.  I like to use vegan fair trade cane sugar from Whole Foods

- One 1.59 oz package of Ball freezer jam pectin.  Do not use any other pectin than the kind made especially for freezer jam (also called instant pectin)

-You'll also need clean jars (I used 5 8oz glass jars), a funnel, and a potato masher, and a measuring tool.

1.  Wash your berries well and mash them together in a large bowl with the lemon zest.  After your berry mixture is as mashed as you'd like, measure out 4 cups of your berry mash into a large bowl.  If there is extra, use it for something else, if you add too much fruit to the pectin it might not set correctly. 

2.  In another bowl, combine the pectin with the sugar and whisk well.

3.  Combine the sugar/pectin with the berries and stir for 3 minutes.  Yes, really 3 minutes, set a timer!

4.  Using the funnel to cut down on mess, pour your jam into your jars, leaving about 1/2" headspace (measure 1/2" from the top of your jar to the jam in your jar).

5.  Let your jars set out at room temperature for 30 minutes so the pectin can do it's magic.

6.  Keep your jam in the fridge or freezer and enjoy!  Your jam will keep for 3 months in the fridge or 1 year in the freezer.  Do not store your jam in your pantry at room temperature, it will go bad!  If you give your jam as a gift, please remind your recipient to keep the jam in the fridge or freezer.



affectioknit said...

YUM! Blueberry jam is the Man's favorite...I'll be making this...

Stacie said...

yum! I've actually never made freezer jam. I'm a cooked jam girl through and through.

bmore-crafty.com said...

Thanks for sharing this recipe! I always have wanted to make jam myself, but the big process of sterilizing and canning always stops me short for some reason. I'll definitely be giving this one a try!

Ana said...

I didn't even know freezer jam existed! I must try this immediately.

Jamie said...

Thanks for sharing! As soon as the berries are ripe here, I'll be making some of this yummy jam!

Jamie said...

This sounds amazing! Makes me wish I had any domestic skills to speak of

meredith said...

OH my gosh....that sounds amazing!! I made some peach jam not too long ago, but I will definitely be giving this a try!!

foodfeud said...

This sounds so good! Lemon pairs so well with blueberries. I'll keep a lookout for freezer pectin, definitely.

Gina Guillotine said...

Mmmm, yummy! Thanks for posting this.

I have a question, though. Who manages to keep one jar of jam in the fridge for three months? If anyone has done it, he or she must have willpower made of STEEL. STEEL, I say!


DrChopSuey said...

Ooh yum! I'll have to make that sometime... thank you for sharing!

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