Friday, June 24, 2011

Coffee in a Jar!

Since I might by slightly obsessed with mason jars, I was super excited when I read about making cold brew coffee in a jar on one of my favorite blogs, Food in Jars.  Cold brew coffee is magic because you don't need any hot water to make it, you don't need any fussy machines, and it's much less acidic than regular brewed coffee, so there's less chance of yucky heartburn.  I really recommend the method described on Food in Jars, it made for some very yummy cold brew! 

I don't drink coffee very often and when I do, I have some rules:

1.  decaf only, caffeine affects me like CRAZY and I can't handle the full powered stuff.

2.  iced only, hot coffee is gross.

3.  never drink it black - I like lots of almond or soy milk, and chocolate sauce in my coffee, if it doesn't taste like melted ice cream, I don't want it!  Coffee is a treat for me, so when I do have it, I like to indulge :)

So what are your coffee rules?



Basht said...

Yummy! I need to try this. :)
I always use dark brown sugar in my coffee and plain unsweetened soy milk.

missmuffcake said...

Decaf here too or at last 1/2 decaf - I drink my black!

pentalia said...

Oh, I am so excited to try this, living in south Texas and being a confirmed coffee drinker!

My rules (most folks think I'm nuts for this):

1. 1 inch of coffee in cup, the rest water... after several kidney stones, this is how I can have a cup of coffee on hand during the day, and I never liked strong coffee, anyway.

2. Not too hot... burns my tongue.

3. Freshly ground beans with my hand-grinder that I love.

4. Never after 5:00, or I will lie awake in bed for hours.

5. Black, black, black.

(Just finished my last cup of the day. Mmm.)

Knot said...

My coffee needs to be strong and freshly roasted.

I'm a total coffee snob! :)

ElfRenee said...

I also like iced, and very sweet!

treewool said...

haha my rules are practically the opposite of yours. Strong, highly caffeinated, and black for me.

I will drink iced coffee when the temperature gets above 75.

elephantJuice said...

I usually like strong, black coffee but I keep meaning to try cold brew. I might have to make some now!

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