Monday, June 20, 2011

E Book Review: Recipes by Very Zoe

When the author of Recipes by Zoe, a vegan e-book sent me her work to review, I was thrilled!  I love handmade zines and this one is filled with all sorts of yummy vegan recipes.  If you're not familiar with zines, they're usually diy booklets that are printed on a small scale, although these days it's common to see zines that are available as pdfs too. 

This e-book was a lot of fun to read through, it's written by an Australian so there were a few ingredients I had to google (like nuttelex) but that just adds to the fun!  Also be aware that some of the measurements (and oven temps) are in metric, so you'll have to do some conversions if you don't have a scale that has metric reading options. 

The recipes I'm most looking forward to trying are the spicy quinoa salad, pesto couscous salad, coconut whipped cream, mum's banana cake, and chocolate mousse.  The recipes in the zine are almost all on the simple side which is nice for quick and easy meals.  My only complaint is that Recipes by Zoe is on the expensive side for a zine (just around $14 US) that contains just about 30 recipes (that number is counting variations on recipes).  Other than that it's a fun little zine, thanks Zoe! Be sure to keep up with Zoe on her blog too!



Napiligal said...

OOOOH, spicy quinoa salad. I just bought quinoa a few weeks ago and love it. Will have to check her blog for recipes

foodfeud said...

That is a little pricey, but color is nice. I make a vegan zine too..if yr interested in looking at a copy, I can send you one. Just shoot me an e-mail!

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