Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Swap Love!

I've been fantasically spoiled by an awesome swap partner!  The lovely Miss Muffcake and I decided to do a vegan goodie swap after we had a conversation on twitter about my last disappointing swap experience on Ravelry.  I've "known" her for a while through Etsy, twitter and whatnot, so I was super excited about swapping with her!  Since she has and injury and I'm not knitting much this summer, we decided not to do a yarn swap, which is perfectly fine considering the size of my stash ;)  Here's the awesome package she put together for me:

Amazing, right?  I got a jar of the elusive and addictively delicious Biscoff Spread, some vegan nacho sauce I haven't tried yet, fun pasta and spices, issues of the Easy Vegan and a smoothie zine, a canning book, and a magazine with some yummy looking canning recipes in it!  I also got a bag of Tapatio flavored Fritos which were super amazing and already eaten.  If they had them in Minnesota that would probably be all I would ever eat!  Thanks again Miss Muffcake, you're awesome!

Have any of you guys ever done a swap?



missmuffcake said...

I am glad you like everything! I know the Fritos are so addictive! Have you tied the Sabritones? They seem easier to find.

The Nacheeze is really good. We made a mac n cheeze with it using the lil elbow macaroni (that is why I sent it)!

If you ever want to swap again I can fill up a box with more hot foods! :)

JFibers said...

Hey you... can you bring the smoothie zine on Sunday? I'm in need of some good recipes. I love me some smoothies these days!!!

Michele said...

I love vegan nacho sauce! Have you tried "nacho mama's vegan queso" ? i bought it online and its so delicious! Ive never done a swap... but i would love to!

taka32 said...

I've swapped a couple times on Ravelry's vegan swap group. I do enjoy swapping and I wish there were more opportunities to do so!

Amber @ Zombie Cats Eating Plants said...

ive done 2 vegan swaps so far and had allot of fun, im always looking for more people to swap with. if your ever thinking about doing another one, id love to join in on the fun. Your swap package looks awesome!!! :)

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