Monday, August 15, 2011

Back from Vacation!

I'm still alive, really!  Sorry for the long blog break, I was on vacation in the wilds of northern Minnesota.  My husband and I took a much needed trip to visit my parents - lucky for me, everyone gets along really well, there aren't any weird in law issues, yay!  We had a lot of fun and got to unwind, so I'd say it was a successful vacation. 

Since the Beltrami County Fair was going on while we were up there, we decided to give it a peek.  It was really disappointing though because the crafts and veggie buildings were both closed for judging on the day we went, curses!  The rest of the fair was pretty lackluster too, not a lot to do but take pictures in front of things like this (me and my husband):


While in downtown Bemidji, I spotted a bit of yarn graffiti so of course I had to take a picture:

Have you guys been up to anything fun?



anna said...


I am loving the graffiti tree, I've seen this a lot, but often wonder if folks get into trouble for doing this sort of thing.

Just wondering.

have a great rest of your day and a wonderful week. :)

foodfeud said...

Love the tree! I have no idea how anyone can set up/so something like that!
Is that yr dad with you in the photo? He has awesome taste in music!

VeganCraftastic said...

husband actually foodfeud!

Miss Julep said...

Glad you had a nice vacation! I love the yarn bomb, it's beautiful!

Thea said...

Welcome back! That's really too bad about the crafts area being closed :(
I love the grafitti tree! I've been wondering if i should try and organize something like that in my town.

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